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about Heart

Human Emergency Aid & Rehabilitation Trust (HEART) is a not-for-profit, welfare, charitable Canadian organization registered under the Canadian Registered Charities.

Business/Registration number 848695409RR0001


HEART is dedicated to providing aid to individuals impacted by global humanitarian disasters and emergencies through its emergency relief and development initiatives. Our initiatives are founded on core principles of human dignity, self-sufficiency, and equity. The primary objective of our organization is to offer assistance to individuals in distress, irrespective of their skin color, race, cultural background, or religious beliefs, while optimizing search engine visibility for our mission.


HEART emerged as an organization in July 2010, driven by a profound motivation triggered by the devastating floods that engulfed Pakistan, leading to one of the most significant humanitarian crises in the nation's history. These catastrophic floods wreaked havoc, demolishing homes, vital infrastructure, and disrupting communication networks, leaving millions of Pakistanis without essential necessities like food, shelter, and medical care. The scale of destruction overwhelmed both individuals and the government, and international aid fell short, compounded by the logistical challenge of reaching stranded victims.


Witnessing this dire situation, compassionate individuals worldwide felt compelled to contribute funds and support to aid those affected by this calamity. It was during these trying times that HEART came into existence, officially registered by a dedicated group of volunteers in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They swiftly organized fundraising events, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response. This outpouring of support instilled hope and bolstered the confidence of HEART members in their pursuit of humanitarian goals.


Additionally, the founding members of HEART actively engaged in arranging fundraising initiatives to assist internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Swat region of Pakistan. Insurgency in the area had forced millions of people from their homes, leaving them with no safe refuge. Families, including children, pregnant women, elderly individuals, and the sick, embarked on arduous journeys of over 100 kilometers on foot in search of safety, sustenance, and medical aid. Communities in Mardan, Swabi, and other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa generously opened their doors to accommodate 70% of the IDPs through self-help efforts.

Subsequently, support flowed in from the United Nations, international aid agencies, charitable organizations, and various communities for these IDPs, who had become victims of conflict within their own homeland through no fault of their own. HEART members played a pivotal role during this crisis, dedicating their time and resources to organize fundraising activities in support of these displaced individuals. These events served as powerful motivators for HEART members, fueling their determination to pursue the organization's objectives with heightened zeal and enthusiasm, ultimately fortifying the foundation of HEART's mission.

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