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Human Emergency Aid & Rehabilitation Trust (HEART) Inc.

HEART is committed to helping people affected by human tragedies and crisis around the world, through emergency relief and development programs. Our programs are based on principles of human dignity, self-reliance and social justice.


We firmly advocate that every person should receive dignity, respect, and the opportunity for a fulfilling life. Our mission is to provide prompt emergency relief and enduring development programs to those affected by global human tragedies and crises. We are dedicated to empowering communities, fostering self-sufficiency and resilience, and advancing the principles of social justice.

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Our dedicated team is tirelessly working on emergency relief and development programs, guided by the core principles of human dignity, self-reliance, and social justice


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Educate an orphan with our educational program

HEART​ is providing support money for deserving students to Khpal Kor Foundation School. Boarding, lodging and school fees for these students are paid by HEART Inc.

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We Have hope

Human society is more challenged than ever. Natural disasters, insurgencies, terrorism and violent conflicts are causing devastation all over. Food shortages have left millions of people hungry, while violent conflict has sent millions on the run. Whereas, one see a world of insurmountable challenges. instead, we see an opportunity to create transformative change. With your help, sure we can make that change a reality.

Image by Huzaifa Waheed

We believe

That the power of human potential and endeavour in crisis is always at its peak.

We believe in this power and its potential for struggle.

We believe in the ability of communities to grow stronger.

We believe that people are the best agents of their own change and that local communities are the best engines of long-term recovery.

Image by Dulana Kodithuwakku

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